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One of the priorities that our development team kept in mind when designing the components of this solution is the security of trade transactions, personal data, and clients’ digital assets. Eliminating the aspects of a centralized crypto exchange, the DEX white label crypto exchange ensures privacy for the users. The platform does not demand information like email address, phone number, or identity proof as the centralized platform requires. Rewards for Referral Programs Our lucrative cryptocurrency exchange software promotes the users with rewards when they refer and add more people to the platform. This infusion credits the users with revenue when they bring more participants to the venue. The front end of a white label crypto trading platform should be completely customizable.

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Here, we are plunging into the discussion of white label crypto exchange. One of the pioneers in the creation of marketplace and exchange technology, Exberry delivers creative and comprehensive technology for cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms, among other things. All of the above charge an implementation cost, but there are open source alternatives in the market. OpenDAX, a hybrid software consisting of public and private libraries, is designed to build a fully-featured exchange service that facilitates the trading of digital assets, cryptocurrencies and security tokens. Companies that offer white label solutions also provide the necessary support to keep them up-to-date and in working order, which means even less investment from consumers. As the product manufacturer focuses on building and improving the product, the seller-customer takes care of the release version.

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All our products are already integrated with each other and are ready to go live. B2Trader uses hosting solutions that dynamically scale resources as the client base grows and supports the most demanding white label exchange solutions and highly loaded projects. Data exchange with all external systems (payment systems,etc.) proceeds over HTTPS using authentication key and verification of signature on each operation.

exchange white label solution

Homemade Antifraud system allows for tracking of vulnerabilities from your end-users’ actions. Developed specifically to be an easy-to-use product with no excessive animations or data. Benefit from our multi-level IB system and build a tree of rewards offering an unlimited level-based partners program that rewards more than just direct IBs with commission. Offer your partners dynamic rebates with an adjustable formula calculation.

How to Launch a Crypto Exchange Using White Label Exchange Software Script?

It is virtually impossible to attract clients to an exchange without sufficient liquidity. You can be connected to B2BX aggregated liquidity pool or other exchanges and liquidity providers. You can also monitor commissions paid by users, calculate PnL, check all order details and roles in one place, make an online trade and arbitrage monitoring. Like fiat currency exchanges, the mass adoption of decentralized exchange increases crypto liquidity, supporting mainstream crypto adoption. An EVM-compatible crypto exchange solution for you to easily migrate smart contracts to other EVM-supported chains without writing the smart contract codes from scratch.

exchange white label solution

In 2020, BitGo launched BitGo Prime, Portfolio and Tax, providing clients with a full-stack solution for digital assets. In 2018, it launched BitGo Trust Company, the first qualified custodian purpose-built for storing digital assets. Most recently, BitGo launched institutional-grade DeFi, NFT and web3 services.

White Label Providers

The platform is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. With a focus on compliance and security, AlphaPoint’s technology is trusted by financial institutions, brokerages, and exchanges worldwide. These solutions allow clients to customize and brand their exchange, set up trading pairs, and offer various trading features to their users. The following is a list of the top 10 white-label exchange solutions available today, each with its unique set of features and capabilities. On the flipside, white-label cryptocurrency exchange solutions might be perfect if you’re looking for a fast, cost-effective, and hassle-free way of entering the market.

This ready-made solution can be easily customized as per a brand’s requirements. For example, you can incorporate your brand logo, color theme, content, UI design, and more https://xcritical.com/ into it, and launch it under your brand name. Nonetheless, white labels might not suit your purpose and you might need to build your cryptocurrency exchange from scratch.

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With HollaEx, anyone can start their own crypto exchange, complete with custom coins, tokenomics and digital marketplaces. 💱 This innovative product delivers powerful, affordable, and user-friendly crypto tools that are highly customizable, making rebranding a breeze. HollaEx includes automatic crypto deposits and is a full white-label crypto solution that is simple yet functional and provides businesses with a solid foundation to start from. 🏢 The do-it-yourself launch kit is ideal for crypto tech enthusiasts and teams on a budget who want to test the waters. For those who want to get to market faster and have less operational complexity, HollaEx also offers a cloud exchange service that’s perfect for crypto businesses.

  • The PayBito white label cryptocurrency exchange platform is easy to use and adaptable to many customers’ requirements.
  • While the original WazirX platform might have become popular in recent times, the fame spread quickly, making the prefabricated solution viable for a business looking to make a mark in the crypto world.
  • In the case of our solution, you can choose among the ready-made integrations of payment systems, blockchains and liquidity providers that are included in our White Label Crypto Exchange.
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To keep track of the markets and trade at the right time, download the Coinsquare mobile application. Your Coinsquare dashboard has robust charts and sophisticated features so you can view the entire digital currency market and trade smartly. In addition, the solution’s authors have added additional services to the most recent update, giving customers even more operational flexibility. As in the mining boom period, bitcoin exchanges are the pick-and-shovel of the new sector. Since 95 % of all cryptocurrency activity occurs on exchanges, crypto exchanges are vital for benefitting from the multibillion-dollar crypto industry. However, building a cryptocurrency exchange comes with its own set of challenges and expenses that must be addressed before it can be implemented.

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However, building them can prove to be a challenging task since many expenses are involved even before starting implementation. This is where white label solutions come in, alleviating the need to develop anything from scratch through standard customized templates. Security is one of the most important features required to ensure the success of any cryptocurrency exchange. White label exchanges offer businesses the opportunity to access a secure cryptocurrency exchange, built with the safest encrypted databases and authentication processes. By choosing to white label, you’ll also benefit from the robust architecture and advanced trading features already in place that would require huge technical know-how to build from scratch.


Skalex’s exchange solutions offer a range of features, including multi-language support, advanced order types, and customizable trading interfaces. The company also offers support for various cryptocurrencies and has developed a proprietary matching engine that can handle high trading volumes. In addition to exchange solutions, Skalex offers a range of services, including wallet development, mobile app development, and blockchain consulting. With a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, Skalex is a popular choice for businesses looking to launch their own cryptocurrency exchanges.